Securing Your Area with Perimeter Lighting

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It has been scientifically found to be true that people often feel safer in areas that are well lit. The feeling of safety cannot be quantified but it is very evident and palpable. Apart from creating a feeling of security, lighting can be used to ensure actual security is achieved within the area that the lights operate.

LED lighting has so far proved to be a versatile type of lighting for all purposes. It is mainly used in solar applications since it allows for maximum energy savings. You have the option of white light or infrared light for LED lighting. These work well even with CCTV security cameras since they can allow for clearer images. Infrared lights offer secret surveillance over long distances such that trespassers may approach but will not be aware that they were noticed by the owners. This ensures that offenders get caught. White light lights up faster than regular lighting and deters those that may attempt to trespass.

Keeping intruders out

A common setup is where an area with a width of about 2m to 5m is left as the main focus of lighting. This is known as the sterile zone where monitoring and lighting is mainly concentrated after the inner area of the compound. This is usually the area just before the fence. The area outside the fence is known as the attack zone since this is where intruders would come in from.

You can have lighting that covers all these areas to ensure increased security. Installing both infrared and white light will allow you to monitor the perimeter more closely since infrared can offer better images for CCTV cameras and white light will deter intruders and also improve safety for those that are within the perimeter.

The design and installation may vary but it is always advisable to place some distance between the fence and the lighting poles. This is to eliminate the possibility of an intruder using the poles to climb into the property.

Advantages of LED lighting

• It consumes a minimum amount of power

• It requires no maintenance

• It is reliable and lasts a very long time thus replacement costs are reduced

• Installation requires minimal labor and this reduces the cost

• Overall, costs are reduced because no utility charges are effected and the amount of energy consumed costs much less than regular lighting For further energy savings you can utilize motion sensitive lighting. These lights come on only when someone is close to them. This warns off any intruders. LED lights can also be programmed to light up when someone touches the fencing outside. This also reduces light pollution to the nearby areas.

The lights should also be installed in such a way that there are no shadows being cast on any part of the compound. Where there are cameras it is advisable to have a light for every camera so as to ensure proper illumination and therefore great quality images for the security feed. Solar lights would work best since they can be installed anywhere and provide further energy savings.

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