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Security Assessments and Cross-Connection Control

Security Assessments and Cross-Connection Control

We have all become more aware of security issues in recent years. Security has become a part of our lives. It affects our travel, the way we conduct business, even the way we live. Water utilities have incorporated many security measures into their daily operations. Large sums of money have been spent to conduct vulnerability assessments (VA), develop emergency response plans (ERP) and secure water system facilities. Most water utility personnel have received some type of training relating to security issues. Many utilities have changed the way they operate, implementing security measures as a part of their normal operating procedures. All of this has been done in an effort to protect our public drinking water supplies.

Cross-connection control and backflow prevention is often overlooked when a water utility considers water system security. Most utilities do not address cross-connection control in their ERP. A number of utilities don’t even give cross-connection control and backflow prevention a second thought until after a backflow incident has occurred. Even those who have incorporated cross-connection control and backflow prevention into their daily operations and ERP have not, in many cases, made an effort to educate those outside of the utility of the dangers posed by unprotected cross-connections.

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