Sediment Spill Monitoring from Dredging, using the SediMeter

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Courtesy of Lindorm, Inc.

Strategies for sediment spill monitoring and siltation measurements. The SediMeter allows a gradual increase in the equipment investment as conditions merit, from a single stand-alone logger, to a real-time monitoring network in which all previously purchased equipment can be included.

Sediment spill causing siltation gives rise to two separate environmental problems: A suspended sediment plume in the water column, and the accumulation of sediment on the bottom. The SediMeter is the only instrument on the market designed to measure both these parameters.

Getting Baseline Data

The preparatory phase is to collect baseline data. This does not require real-time monitoring, and can be done using a built-in logger. The third generation SediMeter contains 36 near IR optical backscatter detectors in a vertical array, 1 cm apart. Using this turbidity data it calculates the level of the bottom with a precision of a fraction of a millimeter. It also contains a 37th OBS 11 cm above the others, dedicated to turbidity measurements. It can hold 8k measurements.

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