Segflo Recirculating Biotower - Auberge du Portage, QC, Canada


Courtesy of Premier Tech Aqua

Customer: Auberge du Portage, QC, Canada

Beautifully situated on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in the quaint village of Notre-Dame-du-Portage, the Auberge du Portage was built in 1903. This Victorian style seasonal home was converted into an Inn in 1930, and enjoys a year-to-year loyal clientele from Quebec City and throughout eastern Canada and the United States. Today, the hotel operates a 120-seat restaurant, rooms that can accommodate 100 guests, a laundry room with 3 washing machines, 15 massage parlors and 6 showers. This operation is seasonal as the restaurant and inn are open 7 days a week, from May through October.


Throughout the years, the clientele growth and the addition of new buildings had significantly increased the production of wastewater to be treated. In 2007, as the existing drainfield in place was no longer performing and answering to the local regulation, the implementation of a new technology became a necessity. A few important constraints surrounding a new installation had to be considered: restrictive configuration of available site and soil, shallow depth to bedrock, proximity of the river (sensitive area), variable loads of wastewater and high strength.


The Auberge du Portage investigated possible treatment solutions with the following:

  • High performance A technology treating wastewater efficiently to reduce the organic load
  • Flexible A system adapted to the configuration of the site and soil
  • Compact A low footprint system maximizing the available lot for parking
  • Economical Modular system for minimum onsite work, low energy and maintenance costs


After analysis and discussions, the owners selected the SegfloTM Recirculating Biotower and the Ecoflex® Polishing process developed by Premier Tech Aqua. The engineering was designed and provided by Actuel Conseil from Pohénégamook.

The solution consists of 4 SegfloTM and 7 Ecoflex® designed to treat 60 m3/d (16,000 gpd). The treatment system includes also a grease trap for the kitchen wastewater, a septic tank with effluent filters, a dosing tank regulating peak flows, a pumping station and a discharge into the surface waters. The system started up in 2007.


Overall, this new SegfloTM treatment system is providing:

  • A stable performance and ease of use solution that efficiently addresses high strength – even in peak flows
  • Small footprint solution – maximizing profitable land like parking lots and walkways
  • Low energy consumption system providing excellent results for BOD5 reduction

Environmental requirements


  • BOD5 30 mg/L
  • TSS 30 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms 50,000 CFU/100 mL

Treatment performance (Geometric mean)

  • BOD5 4 mg/L
  • TSS 2 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms ≤ 18 000 CFU/100 mL

Benefits and future perspectives

This high performing, compact and flexible solution has a minimal impact on the monthly electrical bill which is an important benefit for the owners. Additionally, the complexity of the land being an important issue, the selected solution was flexible enough to keep maximum space for parking lots and be installed in a rocky and scarped site.

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