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Seismic Reflection Method


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Compiled and rigorously edited stacking velocity data to produce velocity maps at specified travel time intervals. These maps were verified to be extremely accurate, enabling exploration staff at AMOCO Production's Alaska North Slope group to make much needed time-depth conversions.

Produced time-structure Maps via interpretation of Gulf Coast seismic reflection data while employed with Conoco, Inc.

Produced time-structure Maps via interpretation of complex Overthrust Belt seismic reflection data for a graduate school project at the Colorado School of Mines.

Coordinated the processing of complex trace seismic reflection data for the Lafayette, LA, Corpus Christi, TX and Houston, TX exploration divisions. Efforts yielded more cost-efficient data processing and concurrently provided exploration staff with significantly enhanced data displays; often enabling more rapid prospect generation times for the company. Recognized by Corpus Christi Division Manager for enabling the early AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) for an oil well in that area.

While employed at Woodward-Clyde Consultants, critiqued shallow seismic reflection data acquired and processed by an independent geophysics contractor, regarding a proposed landfill site in northwest Arkansas. Recommended that client request contractor to reprocess data in order to better isolate refraction 'first breaks' needed to determine the soil-bedrock interface.

Worked on a geophysics Vibroseis crew in Wyoming when employed with Conoco, Inc. Worked on a seismic reflection survey in the Front Range in Colorado, while assisting a fellow graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines.

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