Select Right Cleaning Equipment to Start Carpet Cleaning Business

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People who start a carpet cleaning business are attracted by the benefits. Being your own boss is of course the number one attraction. Second, this business is considered recession-proof because people will always use carpets and as long as carpets are used, people will need someone to clean those carpets. Third, a carpet cleaning business pays well, and some clients will pay as much as $70 per hour for a job well done.

The key to success is the carpet cleaning equipment you will use for your carpet cleaner business. Poor quality, residential-use carpet cleaners are not likely to provide the productivity and cost benefits that your business requires. There are dealers who rent out carpet cleaners to carpet cleaning businesses that cannot afford to purchase a commercial carpet cleaner at the very outset.

Whether you buy a machine (some dealers sell topnotch carpet cleaning machines at very affordable prices) or rent one, you have to ensure, it is the right carpet cleaning equipment. Many dealers offer carpet cleaners with made-in-USA tags, which provide a greater assurance of quality and genuineness.

Once you manage to locate a comparatively inexpensive industrial carpet cleaner, you can use the rest of your startup capital for marketing your business. Advertisements, discounts and promotional offers help draw more clients before you have established your business fully.

Usually, the best way to grow the carpet cleaning business is to wait for clients to refer your business to others. Obviously, that implies you have to do a professional job of carpet cleaning, and you need the best commercial carpet cleaners for that.

Carpet cleaning machines should be selected based on the following factors:-

Pump Pressure and Vacuum Power
Industrial carpet cleaners have higher pressure levels than low-end carpet cleaning machines. Some carpet cleaners reach pressure levels as high as 500 psi (adjustable to low pressure levels). These machines can have airflow of 200 cfm.

Vacuum extraction determines how effectively the carpet cleaning machine is able to draw in water and moisture after carpet cleaning. Water lift of 150 inches is considered sufficient, and the machine may have two vacuum motors for added power.

Hot water is more effective in cleaning grease and stains, as well as for removing molds and bedbugs from upholstery. Industrial carpet cleaners feature temperatures as high as 210ºF. Some contractors purchase non-heated carpet cleaners because they cost less, but you have to be sure that your cleaning requirements are limited to lightly soiled carpets. These non-heated machines may be able to use hot water for cleaning, but they do not offer the option of heating.

Low Flow
Low-flow carpet cleaners manage water usage and leave carpets less damp. These machines use limited amounts of water, which enables the contractor to clean more carpets without refilling the solution tank so often. Low flow machines leave less moisture on the carpet and promote faster carpet drying (4-6 hours as compared to 24 hours in standard carpet cleaners).

Your carpet cleaning business requires the right input if you want to have a successful, profitable venture. Finding high-quality equipment is the first step.


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