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Choosing the perfect cleaning equipment for your commercial or industrial cleaning needs is not an easy task. Everyday, newer and better machines appear on the market, promising faster and more efficient cleaning. However, not all these machines perform as expected. If you opt for cheap versions of electric pressure washers simply to save money, you could easily be purchasing a replacement in a year or so. For this reason, it is important to purchase high-grade power washers from reputable distributors.

The best electric pressure washers now come with a range of high-end features. In addition to offering better cleaning results, these new features also offer improved user safety, minimum maintenance and longer life for the power washers. Here is a look at the qualities that set apart the best pressure cleaners from the rest.

  • High-grade housing material: If you compare different brands of electric pressure washers, you will notice that cheaper versions come with low grade housing materials made from poor quality plastic, aluminum or sheet metal. Such materials are not capable of surviving the abuse encountered in day to day cleaning applications. On the other hand, good quality power cleaning machines feature stainless steel, powder-coated housings featuring chip resistant and chemical resistant capabilities.
  • Auto shut off function: When electric pressure washers remain inactive for over 30 seconds, the addition of an auto shut off feature automatically shuts down the machine. This helps prevent overheating and subsequent wearing of components. In the long run, this technology also contributes to extending the life of the machine.
  • Quality heating components: Cheap versions of power cleaning equipment come with low-grade heating coils. Such heating components cannot offer consistent the performance or reliability of higher grade materials. Low grade coils may also pose a threat to users. For efficient and reliable heating performance always opt for heavy-duty, stainless steel coils found in quality hot water pressure washers. The rugged heating components in high grade pressure washers offer safety and durability.

When choosing pressure washer equipment for your cleaning jobs, do not simply trust the promises in advertisements. It is also important not to choose cheap electric or gas pressure washers. Ideally, you must spend some time and effort to compare the different brands of electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers, and the best hot water pressure washers. Look for features like continuous water refill capability and multi gun support that will help boost the productivity and efficiency of your cleaning operations. Also, ensure that the power cleaners are equipped with new technologies like auto shut off capabilities so the machines continue working for years to come.


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