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Selected examples in nano–sciences and nano–technologies at FEMTO–ST

This paper contributes selected examples based on the research and development of sub–micrometric and nanoscale structures at FEMTO–ST. In particular, exploitation of bandgap materials such as lithium niobate is a specialty of the institute and is applied in active photonic and phononic devices. Another area of active research concerns instrumentation at the microscale and nanoscale. More recently, biomolecular engineering and nanobiocharacterisation have been developed for nanobiotechnology and biosensors.

Keywords: bandgap materials, LiNbO3, lLithium niobate, active photonic crystals, nanoinstrumentation, scanning thermoelastic microscopy, vibration analysis, microthermography, biomolecular engineering, DNA chips, biomolecular assemblies, protein chips, nanobiocharacterisation, nanoscience, nanotechnology

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