Selecting VOC Oxidizer

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Courtesy of Nacah Tech LLC

Nacah Tech's President, Bob Keibler presents How to select the proper type of thermal oxidizer or process gas treatment method.  The paper presents details on what parameters of a process gas to be treated determine which treatment method / oxidizer provides the best efficiency, plant flexibility, heat recovery method, etc. while maintaining the target emission rates. Begining with the basic 3T's of time, temperature and turbulence, the paper identifies the primary design parameters that then determine the type of oxidizer - or even carbon system if appropriate. 

Differences between recuperative thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers and direct fired thermal oxidizers are provided.  The article identifies when type each is recommended based on process off gas characteristics and plant goals for heat recovery.  The summary includes a general description of type of applications that fit each type of thermal oxidizer or carbon adsorption system.

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