Selective DBP Precursor Removal with an Innovative Ion Exchange Process

The City of Chesapeake, Virginia has provided a reliable and safe drinking water to its customers for many years. The City has been providing this drinking water despite a water supply that is extremely high in organics with seasonal outbreaks of chlorides.  As a result, the 10-mgd Northwest River Water Treatment Plant receives water that is frequently difficult-to-treat. This water requires very high coagulant dosages during all times of the year and seasonal reverse osmosis treatment to meet the EPA Stage 1 Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) standard for trihalomethanes (THM) of < 80 ppb and haloacetic acids (HAA) of < 60 ppb.

Therefore, to help comply with these regulations as well as reduce sludge generation and overall treatment costs, the City evaluated the magnetic ion exchange resin (MIEX) developed by Orica Watercare. Accordingly, a pilot study was conducted to evaluate the selective DBP precursor removal capability of the MIEX resin in combination with a coagulant. MIEX is a continuous ion exchange process designed to achieve lower THM and HAA standards by removing the TOC fraction that is difficult to remove by conventional water treatment processes.

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