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Self build in Surrey Incorporates Grey water system


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Grey isn't such a grey area

It's an environmental and economic no-brainer

Designing environmental criteria into home building projects is not as difficult or as expensive as it may appear, as discovered by web and graphic designer Keiran Wynyard.

Keiran was determined that his self-build extension to his home in Tadworth, Surrey would meet some important environmental touchstones. One of those was to include a grey water system to recycle water for toilet flushing throughout his home.

He found that no one really had much knowledge about this simple solution. Keiran found his local planners, contractors and architects had virtually no knowledge of grey water recycling and so it was left to him to source his supplier.

Enter Aquaco.

'Once I understood the search terms I needed to use on the web I discovered Aquaco, who were the only people we found that could do what we wanted,' Keiran explains. 'They were able to specify and supply an economic system that will do the job I want.' 'We have the storage tanks sited underneath the new extension and the soil pipes have been diverted to here. It is then a simple process to direct the filtered and treated water to flush the toilets.' he adds.

Once this system is commissioned and fully operational, Keiran will convert to metered water and start getting a pay-back on his investment. 'The concept of capturing, filtering and storing water from baths, showers and washing basins to recycle back into flushing toilets is not rocket science, but Aquaco has come up trumps,' explains Keiran.

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