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Self-sustained vermicomposting plant at municipal solid waste generation point

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The increase in quantum of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation puts additional burden on MSW and energy management. Out of all the wastes, the biodegradable waste is the worst waste regarding heat generation due to anaerobic conditions of the waste. The expenditure on collection, transportation and disposal of MSW are very high and environmentally unhygienic. The waste can be converted into wealth through vermicomposting and the end product can be environmentally safe for disposal. The present study is an effort to compost the MSW with the help of earthworms at the source of generation and harvesting of the compost as manure, at the same time to reproduce the earthworms. The cost of maintaining vermicomposting plants may be recovered from the sale of manure and worms produced from the plant. The energy for aeration of waste shall be generated at MSW source itself without using external source.

Keywords: vermicomposting, earthworms, municipal solid waste, manure, juvenile home, aeration

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