Selling UV disinfection systems


Courtesy of Real Tech Inc.

A potential customer has inquired about employing your services to install a UV disinfection system. You set up an appointment for an estimate and to determine what will be involved for the installation. As the customer looks on, you turn on the Real UVT meter and proceed to test a sample of their water. Within a couple of minutes your Real UVT meter has provided you with the UV percent transmittance (UVT) of the customer’s water.

Typically, UV disinfection systems require a minimum of 75% UVT in order to operate properly and ensure safe drinking water. If your Real UVT reading is higher than the manufacturer’s recommended minimum UVT, you can tell your potential customer that you would be pleased to install a UV disinfection system, confident in the knowledge that your installed UV system will work well.

However, if your Real UVT reading is lower than the UV disinfection system manufacturer’s recommended minimum UVT, you know for certain that some additional equipment will need to be installed along with the UV disinfection system for it to work properly. It may be as simple as installing a filter of some kind before the UV disinfection system, or perhaps it will be necessary to install a larger UV disinfection system in order to compensate for the low UVT and thereby increase the UV dose to the customer’s water. At this point, it may be useful to do further analysis of the water to determine what is actually causing the low UVT values and proceed from there.

Knowing the UVT of the water before installing a UV disinfection system is clearly essential to making educated decisions about the installation. The customer will be impressed with your professional equipment and thoroughness adding to the customer’s confidence in your services.

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