Semi-quantitative analysis using the ensys methods with the RPA-I


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MATERIALS: SDI EnSys Soil or Wipe Test Systems , RPA-I Analyzer (Item #A00003)

Follow the appropriate EnSys Test System User’s Guide for sample preparation and analysis. Except at Phase 3: The Immunoassay - Color Development, add 400 mL of Stop Solution instead of 200 mL by setting the Eppendorf repeater on 4 instead of 2.

1. Program the RPA-I for semi-quantitative analysis using the EnSys Test Systems according to Application Procedure T00109
2. Press RUN and select the ENSYS protocol from the RPA-I menu. Press ENTER.
3. The RPA-I will ask for Sample Replicates. Press 1 and ENTER.
4. Enter Blank Tube (tube filled with at least 800 mL of wash solution).
5. Enter the two (2) Standard duplicates as prompted by the RPA-I. If the absorbance of the first Standard replicate is a larger number than the second Standard replicate, press STOP. Restart the procedure from step 2, but this time read the second Standard tube first. This will assure that the Standard replicate #1 reading is always the lower absorbance measurement.
6. Insert the sample tube as prompted by the RPA-I. The RPA-I will assign a Positive (POS) or Negative (NEG) result to each sample. Interpret each sample result according to the detection level being analyzed.
7. Record sample ID and detection level on the line below each sample. Also record the technician ID, lot # and expiration date on the header provided.

If the difference between the Standard replicates is greater than 0.3 absorbance units, the results are outside QC limits and the samples must be retested.

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