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Sensitivity analysis of ozone long term simulations to grid resolution

In the frame of the CityDelta European modelling intercomparison, three different atmospheric chemistry transport models have been applied over the Milan area for a six-month summer simulation. To better evaluate the models' reliability and cleverness in simulating the long-term dynamics of pollutants in the atmosphere, a comprehensive sensitivity analysis with regard to all model configuration and input data has been carried out. This work deals particularly with the evaluation of the horizontal grid resolution influence (varying from 5 to 10 km). Results show that, in a flat area, ozone concentrations are quite insensitive to grid resolution as for mean values, while statistics of some extreme values are more sensible to horizontal model resolution. Nitrogen dioxide seems to be more sensitive than ozone, as it is more linked to emission spatial resolution.

Keywords: photochemical pollution modelling, CityDelta intercomparison exercise, chemistry transport models, Northern Italy, grid resolution, sensitivity analysis, simulation, atmospheric dispersion modelling, meteorological data, air quality, air pollution, ozone concentrations, pollutant concentration, nitrogen dioxide

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