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Sensitivity analysis of simulation model on railway rolling noise prediction


The railway rolling noise prediction software (RRNPS) is a simulation model for predicting the sound pressure levels during a train passage due to wheel/rail roughness, based on vibration dynamics, contact mechanics and sound radiation modules. Some field validation has been done under European and Australian conditions. Comparisons between simulations and measurements have shown that this software model gives reliable predictions in terms of overall A-weighted sound pressure level and noise spectrum. In this paper, based on a typical railway rolling noise situation in Australia (a series of field measurements were taken at a narrow track gauge testing site), a sensitivity analysis of the RRNPS was carried out to investigate the effect of train speed, normal load, sleeper spacing, rail pad stiffness, track gauge and rail cross receptance factor on railway rolling noise. The results provide some insight into model-based methods to control and mitigate railway noise at its source.

Keywords: railway rolling noise prediction, sensitivity analysis, train speed, sleeper spacing, rail pad, track gauge

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