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Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

The Isodaq Division have completed delivery of 250 Hawk XT telemetry data logging outstations to the UK's environmental regulator for Scotland, SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) as part of a asset replacement project to upgrade 400 obsolete battery-powered outstations deployed at permament flow gauging, flood warning and automatic rain-gauge sites across the whole of Scotland.

After a rigorous tendering process under EU rules, the Hawk XT with PSTN modem option was selected for the bulk of the network because it most closely met the needs of hydrometrists for the application, where outstations are installed at remote locations and often in hostile environmental conditions. The requirement was for the outstations to link to a range of existing sensors, including incremental shaft-encoders, depth pressure transmitters and tipping-bucket raingauges.

SEPA has been instrumental in evaluating and testing the Hawk XT technology with our team in Stirling, who designed the Hawk FM specifically for hydrometric monitoring applications. Since the hydrometric network is used both for routine data collection and flood warning purposes, SEPA wanted an ultra reliable telemetry outstation to ensure unattended operation for many months between maintenance visits, with the capability to generate alarms during flood events via SEPA's existing flood warning telemetry system.

Hydro-Logic was selected as one of two preferred suppliers for the replacement project with the Hawk XT chosen for the bulk of the order because of several features that set it apart from the competition:

  • Flexibility and range of sensors / modems
  • Support for SDI-12 smart sensors
  • General hydrometric features
  • Ultra-low-power modem management features
  • Choice of modems for PSTN, GSM and satellite
  • Ease-of-use on PCs and Pocket PCs
  • Quality and support services
  • Low overall cost of ownership.

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