Separation tank / Floating tank for separation of different kinds of plastic


The NEUE HERBOLD – Separation Tank Type TB is used for separation of  plastics with various densities, primarily for film flakes, granulate from  PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics.

Depending on the application, floating particles like film falkes or sinking particles like PET bottle flakes are separated from other high density plastics. The standard separation tanks are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301.


The material is fed to the tank, esecially designed  separation plates and paddle rollers transport the material through the water quench. Good separation result are achieved, due to the long retention time of the material in the tank.

Feeding systeme:
The material is fed through a feeding screw or directly to the  tank.

Discharge systeme ( floating particles):
The floating particles are discharged by a cross positioned discharge screw.

Discharge systeme ( Sink fraction ):
In tanks for  recovery of float fractions (specific gravity 1 g/cm³), the material discharge is handled by  preumatical valves, which open up intermittenly to discharge the sink fractions.

This discharge system is mainly used for small amounts of sink fractions. In cases of  larger amounts of sink fractions, the discharge is handled by screws or  scraper conveyors.

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