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Septic Tank Treatment intended for effortless septic protection


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Septic tank system is most commonly used by inhabitants living in rural or semi-urban areas which are not thickly populated. The septic system provides on-site sewage treatment of waste materials. The septic tank system is overlooked by inhabitants because of their ignorance or unawareness of the septic system. Proper maintenance of Septic tank bacteria treatment is required for healthy plumbing system in the home which maintains the good hygienic condition of home. Though the septic tank is well designed to treat properly the waste materials but individual homeowners fail to maintain and operate the septic tank properly thereby resulting accumulation of solid wastes through out the entire septic tank system which eventually causes drainage failure. Due to the drainage failure waste materials may come in contact with neighboring people residing thereby and equally damaging the ecology.

The are several causes for failure of septic system like flushing off the daily household items like soaps, household cleaners, oils, napkins, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, grease etc. The other causes are improper design of the tank, overuse of water in the house and lack of proper maintenance. The anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank decompose the discharged waste and maintain the septic system properly. The septic tank problems stem due to short span of life of microorganism in the septic tank. It is, thus, very much needed to use those septic treatment products which speed up the bacterial growth in the septic tank system and it help in naturally cleaning the system. There are other ways available to clean the septic system like use of bleach, which though is a good sanitizer, but it kills the healthy bacteria and damages the septic system.

The proper maintenance of Septic tank bacteria treatment prevents costly repairs and replacement. The excessive water use may be curtailed by repairing all leaky fixtures in the house and by low water use fixtures in the toilets. The soil treatment area is one of the components of septic tank system, thus, required to be maintained. Their maintenance may be done by not planting trees and shrubs in these areas. The pumps and filters are required to be maintained properly and needs to be removed if defaulted at any moment. The works of pumping should be done by the licensed professionals only.

The use of harmful products like harsh cleaners, strong detergents, bleach and disinfects must be reduced or their use must be minimal. The disposal of household items in the sink should be avoided as these items are hard to dispose off easily.

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