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Services firms in the IDEON Science Park

The experience, in the 1970s and 1980s, of the IDEON Science Park, located at Lund University, Sweden, illustrates the type of forces that shaped the institutional design of a science park. We review the literature on science parks and their evaluation, outlining the role of consulting and service firms. IDEON is a "technology window" with governance rules, which reduce the transaction cost at the industry - university interface. IDEON’s experience and its "incubator role" reinforce the role and function of service firms. Its organisational design overcomes market imperfections, reducing the costs of the innovation process. IDEON is an institutional innovation, which extrapolates traditional evaluation parameters.

Keywords: science parks, service firms, science-based industry, research and development management, Sweden, evaluation, university—industry relations, gatekeeper, governance rules, technology transfer

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