Sewage/effluent treatment by growth of diatom algae

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Courtesy of Nualgi

A new process to treat sewage/e²uents, by using Nualgi, a patented product that aids the growth of diatom algae in the waste water is described. The growing diatom algae absorb nutrients and carbon dioxide from the water and produce oxygen by photosynthesis at micro plant level.

The oxygen released during photosynthesis helps aerobic bacteria in breaking down the organics and converting the pollutants to base constituents. The stinking odor of anaerobic system is thus eliminated. The diatoms are eaten by zooplanktons that are in turn consumed by shes. The ecosystem of the water is maintained as observed by presence of lively and healthy shes which are it for human consumption. Thus all the polluted lakes and rivers can be restored to their original glory using NUALGI.

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