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Sewage Treatment - Klargester is the market leader for small and medium-sized domestic treatment plant and waste water treatment systems in the UK


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Sewage treatment plant operate by providing an environment in which aerobic bacteria are cultured. These bacteria survive by using biological matter in the sewage as a food source. To provide optimum treatment the bacteria need free access to oxygen and immersion in the sewage effluent. The majority of package plant work by providing a fixed medium that the bacteria adhere to, and a means of interfacing this with regular supplies of oxygen and biological material.

Properly designed and maintained treatment plants can remove up to 95% of the biological pollutants present in sewage and waste water.

Klargester Sewage Treatment Plants - Features and Benefits

No nauseaous smells or water pollution to offend neighbours

Actively treats sewage before safely discharging it

Removes all solids and pollutants

Prevents water pollution by treating within the system

Complies with environmental regulations

Improves resale value of your property


To find out how to further enhance the quality of waste water effluent migrating into a watercourse look at the reed beds section.

Sewage Treatment versus Septic Systems On the other hand, the traditional septic tank process relies on solids being settled in the tank and anaerobic bacteria culturing in the settled sludge providing a degree of treatment. Further treatment is carried out in biological treatment fields with the settled effluent being exposed to naturally occurring bacteria in the subsoil. However the use of modern domestic chemicals has largely eliminated any bacteriological activity in septic tanks or irrigation fields and today they only provide primary settlement of sewage with little if any improvement in effluent quality.

Stricter guidelines on the design of irrigation fields will mean that even fewer successful septic tank treatment installations are likely in the future.

Klargester's premier treatment plant is BioDisc and offers a high performance, low maintenance system producing effluent which meets the rigorous quality standards demanded by the Environmental Agency. It is the only domestic treatment plant using a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). Operating costs are minimal, with an extremely quiet and reliable low power electric motor. Biodisc uses rotating discs as a medium for supporting bacteria which carry out the aerobic treatment process. Primary and final settlement are contained within the unit which also has a totally unique flow management system to provide optimum performance under all circumstances. The 2000 Building Regulations require that soakaway overload be avoided. BioDisc flow management uniquely achieves this.

The Klargester AirFlow range of packaged treatment plant is available as standard or high level nitrification plants. They employ a development of the well proven aerobic biological process for the purification of sewage and wastewater.

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