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Sewage treatment plant

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BONO ARTES has developed an activated sludge process called BIOCLAR, which is a great technological step forwards compared to conventional methods.

A large part of civil and industrial installations, especially in developing countries, is located in remote and secluded areas where there is no possibility for connection to a public sewer.

On the other hand, the minimisation of the impact on the environment has become a target for all human installations and sanitary water from small communities must be adequately treated even if not connected to a sewer system.

Sewage treatment means processing waste water from any living human community. Important applications are working camps, offshore platforms, hotels, resorts. Bono Artes designs and manufactures sewage treatment systems on a package-type basis.

Throughout more than 40 years of experience in water applications, Bono Artes is fully able to support Customers for waste water needs.

In the last three years Bono Artes successfully commissioned several Sewage Treatment Packages installed in compressing units in the Algerian desert.

The systems were designed for up to 5000 equivalent inhabitants each. Those systems were based upon the BIOCLAR Technology which is Artes’ solution for sewage treatment.

The following characteristics are implemented:
- Package-type, modular, pre-fabricated
- Activated-sludge biological plant
- Integrating oxidation and settling basins.

Biological treatment systems are “living” systems that rely on mixed biological cultures to break down waste organics matter from solution. “Human” wastewater supplies the biological food and growth nutrients.

A treatment unit provides a controlled environment for the desired biological process.

Waste water is produced from showers, toilets and sinks. In addition about 10% of wastewater comes from the kitchen and about 25% from the laundry. Bacteria, which are naturally present in organic wastes, decompose the organic matter utilizing it as food. The wastewater treatment process simply uses an accelerated and controlled version of the natural process, so that the treated wastewater requires no more decomposition.

The treatment process makes use of three components:
1. Organic waste matter
2. Bacteria
3. Oxygen

The degradation of the pollutants present in wastewater (organic compounds, nitrogen compounds, phosphorous) is performed through the action of bacteria dispersed as suspended solids (activated sludge). The organic molecules are metabolised and broken down into elementary compounds (carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen) by the aerobic activity of bacteria present in the sludge. Organic waste matter in wastewater is the substrate (food) used as an energy source.

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