Sewage Treatment Plant reports success with HACH LANGE LDO


Courtesy of HACH LANGE GmbH

Between 60 and 70% of the energy consumed by sewage treatment plants is used to aerate the activated sludge. Strategies aimed at reducing energy consumption are therefore usually focused on optimising the oxygen transfer into the aeration tank. All control systems are based on exact and precise measurement of the oxygen concentration. For process engineers, therefore, the issue is not whether but how the oxygen concentration can be measured precisely and with a high degree of accuracy. This question was addressed two years ago at the main sewage treatment plant in Vienna. It was decided that the best solution was the optical LDO sensor from HACH LANGE.

- Application report
- Main sewage treatment plant, Vienna, Austria
- LDO, optical sensor for deter mining oxygen concentration
- Optimisation of oxygen transfer
- Control strategies
- Automation concepts

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