Sewer Cleaning Hose Cover analyzed for effectiveness.

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Courtesy of Dyna Flex Inc.

Sewer cleaning hose covers look pretty much the same. But there are big differences which are not visually apparent to the human eye. A hose produced by one specific manufacturer may appear to have a thick cover, but this is very misleading.  This is due a large diameter filament “open braid” which this manufacturer uses on top of the normal braid.  This large diameter open braid is used to mechanically lock the cover.

DynaFlex Inc. choose not to attach the cover in this fashion.  Rather, we use a proprietary process which allows us to have a greater distance from the braid to hose outside diameter.  If you measure the distance from the outside diameter of their cover to the open braid, you will get 0.030 to 0.040.  The distance from the O.D. of our SWRO-16 sewer cleaning hose orange 1 inch hose cover to the braid is at least 0.050 inches.  Thus, Dyna-Flex, hose has a greater thickness of cover material protecting the reinforcing braid.

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