Sewer Level Monitoring - Photos


Sewer Level Monitoring - Photos

Photos in this article present the complexity and versatility of sewer level monitoring. When examining the photos, pay special attention to the stand-alone autonomous characteristics of each installation. In lack of any cabling from the outside, whether data cables or power cables, the solution is fed from its own battery power supply. Data is tranmitted over the cellular network by GPRS or SMS. When so required, an external GSM antenna is added to the system.

The sensor is robust and withstands the chemically agressive sewage flow. The sensor is seal rated IP68 and can perform after flood events with only minor cleaning handling.

This system can measure depth up to 8 meters and the dead zone is extremely short - only 15 cm.

Alerts are transmitted to indicate rising waters and flood events.

A web monitoring server is available for displaying the behavior at all ditches in a graphic and table view.

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