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Sewer Line Upsize in Perris, CA - Case Study


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Innovative pipebursting approach successfully upsizes old trunk sewer line to serve a new Southern California subdivision

Burst a 350-foot-long trunk line, replacing 10-inch clay pipe with 14-inch SDR-17 polyethylene pipe.

We helped Young Homes close escrow on the 95 homes in its Perris, CA development when the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) required them to upsize a 10-inch ID clay trunk sewer line to 12-inch ID pipe to create a sufficient fall between the last two manholes in its system. EMWD had specified bench construction for the excavation because a quarter of the 350-foot line was beneath a busy street parallel to a railroad track and the remainder followed a dirt service road bordering a small airport. The line was only 8 feet deep, so requiring a large open trench on either side made no sense. Pipebursting allowed us to avoid an 18-foot-wide gouge in the main road. After a week of prep and flow bypass, we worked with Zednem Construction of Chino, CA to overcome serious installation challenges to complete the replacement in less than a week. Read More

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