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The EU’s REACH legislation places the responsibility squarely on manufacturers and importers to ensure the chemical composition of their products does not endanger human health. Keeping track of the data and making it available on demand poses a number of challenges for compliance.

The principle REACH is based on is that it is the responsibility of industry participants to ensure that only chemicals are introduced into the market (directly as chemicals or forming a part of products) that do not have an impact on human health or the environment. To comply, the industry needs accurate knowledge of the attributes and risks involved with the substances it places on the market.

The need for supply-chain communication and the requirements of detailed information about the chemicals used and the composition of substances in products means importers have to make sure that their suppliers understand and are complying with their obligations under REACH. Many suppliers outside the EU are finding it difficult to satisfy the demands for information due to a lack of experience with regulatory compliance or a proper understanding of what is asked of them. This means that some importers require an on-site assessment to check every supplier and the testing of all products to ensure compliance. Although this may be effective, it proves impractical and not really viable for reasons of the high costs involved and because it would have to be repeated to cater for any changes to components or raw materials used. In addition, due to the complexity of REACH regulations and the geographic spread of suppliers, training them is problematic.

So, how can an importer be certain the information supplied is accurate?SGS developed a supplier self-assessment web-based training tool specifically to address this need. The purpose of the tool is to assist manufacturers and importers to achieve REACH compliance. It requests the supplier to report on information and controls already in place, provides them with online training, while ensuring that the appropriate controls are implemented and prompting suppliers to keep all the mandatory records involved.

About SGS REACH Solutions

SGS has the expertise to enable you to fully understand how REACH affects your company. By helping you manage REACH as part of your structure for general business compliance, SGS can put you securely in control of your obligations under REACH in the most cost effective and efficient way. SGS services range from consultancy and training to the hands-on implementation of REACH duties, which includes supply chain communications, due diligence and analytical testing.


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