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Shakti Submersible Pumps Lure A Wide User Base With Custom Built, Widely Varied Products

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Shakti Pumps has evolved as a premier manufacturing unit in the realm of stainless, submersible motors and pumps. The state of the art technology today in the domain of submersible pumps and allied motors, pronounces the hallmark buzzword: ‘Innovation’!

Shakti submersible water pump has emerged into the competitive market with substantial opportunities and alternatives, and has succeeded in embarking upon brand upliftment, as the products it deals in are in higher ended demands across the current market! Made of impeccable quality, exquisite design and efficiency,  the Submersible Pumps Manufacturer Shakti focuses on a carved niche area and manufactures pumps in all sizes over a range of 100 to 360 millimeter (that is, 4 to 14 inches).

The raw materials are considered the most important aspect to harp on, which uses top notch fabrication technology, that vouches to sustain optimal performance and superior quality. The body of pumps are made out of corrosion resistant material that exhibits high longevity, pumping efficiency, reduced running costs.

The Shakti pumps have efficient duty points that ranges between 1 cubic metre to 280 cubic metres per hour! They constitute water lubricated bearings that conform to square shape, enabling easy and quick pumping in and out of liquid. The closing time of non return valve in the Shakti submersible water pumps prevents flow back connection issues pertaining to pump stoppages.

During cases wherein the water table is found lower than a specified level, the pump and motor cater to advanced technologies that protects the motor from dry running. Use of stop rings ensures prevention of sumptuous damage caused to the pump during the transport and up thrust of fluids. Implementation of Inlet strainer is important since it prevents entry of particles  pertaining to a certain size range, from aptly and easily limiting the pumped liquid flow.

Shakti Submersible Pumps Manufacturer is very easy to install and projects low cost of installation; moreover, the products are low in weight and the handling of the motors and pumps are rather easy and time effective. The longevity of the submersible water pumps constitute the focal point of many a discussion, facilitating easy handling at low equipment costs, less service time and reduced installation time.

Shakti pumps and motors are carved out of stainless steel and are extensively used to foster good wear resistance and ensures reduced risks pertaining to corrosion when affected by cold water that contains chloride in certain proportions. The multi varied Shakti pumps come in varied sizes, capacities and efficiencies; yet they conform to the internationally acclaimed standards,each functioning exquisitely and briskly at optimum hydraulic properties, thus minimizing pressure losses throughout the valve; this contributes to highly efficient pumps.

The Shakti pumps are generally available in varied sizes, yet two distinct frequency variants – 50 Hz and 60 Hz. In addition, the market leader in delivering globally acclaimed customer satisfying total quality management solutions, empowered by teamwork and exuberant services, striving for success in all realms across the domestic as well as international markets!

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