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HDPE flap valvespecifications of round and square HDPE flap valve two kinds, according to the size and shape of the outlet design and production; were hollow floats can knock on the door and a plate-plate HDPE flap valve. For pipes, sewage treatment, rivers drain produced at the shore one-way valve that has an automatic opening and closing function; sealing, anti-reflux good performance; compositeFlap gate corrosion resistance strong, easy to install.

Forms can be divided according to the connection flange connection, concreting, hand lay-docking, sockets; structure can be divided according to flat, pump. Caliber: round DN200-2600mm, square 300-3000mm Working medium: With pH of industrial and domestic sewage, water, etc. Operating temperature: 60 degrees, according to requirements, the maximum temperature of 100 degrees can be designed to beat the door working pressure: atmospheric pressure to 0.25MPa ring forms: lip seal, hollow tube sealed

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