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SHARON8 is a very cost-effective treatment system for the total removal of nitrogen components, through nitriflcation/denithfication. from wastewater flow streams containing high concentrations of nitrogen. The system is used for the treatment of municipal wastewater side streams from both dewatered digested primary sludge and waste activated biosolids to achieve high total overall nitrogen removal, in addition it can be used to treat wastewater flows from sludge dryers and incinerators. SHARON8 is a high rate process for the removal of total nitrogen operating with minimal sludge retention time. Due to differences in growth rates of the bacterial species at the process design temperature (30-40°C) a selection can be made wherein the nitrite oxidizing bacteria can be washed out of the system while ammonia oxidizing bacteria are retained along with denitrifying bacteria. Using this metabolic mode of operation allows for a 25% reduction in aeration energy required for nitrification and a 40% reduction in the amount of BOD addition needed for denitrification. in addition since the process is accomplished in a side stream there are savings in mainstream reactor costs.

The process has moved beyond the development stage. Two full-scale SHARON* systems have been constructed at large wastewater treatment plants, a third plant (Zwolle) is currently being commissioned, and a fourth (Beverwijk), is under construction. SHARONs for Groningen (the Netherlands) and New York City (USA) are currently in the planning phase. The Utrecht plant has been in operation since 1997. The Rotterdam, Dokhaven plant has been in operation since 1999. The Zwolle plant will come on line soon. The pertinent data for the start-up and continuing operation of the Utrecht and Rotterdam plants are presented and discussed.

Denitrification, nitrification, total nitrogen removal, side stream treatment, SHARON6

This paper presents the performance results of the start-up and continuing operations of the SHARON® process at the Utrecht and Rotterdam, Dokhaven Waste Water Treatment plants in the Netherlands. The concepts for the SHARON8 process were initially developed by Delft University of Technology, Water Board ZHEW, and Grontmij, a Dutch engineering and construction company. These concepts were pilot tested at Utrecht and Rotterdam; then they were implemented full scale. The full-scale operations illustrate that the claims for the SHARONs process have been successfully achieved.

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