Xiamen Jiarong Technology Corp., Ltd.

Shenzhen Waste Incineration Power Plant Leachate Treatment


Application: Landfill Leachate
Scale: 1800 tons / day
Process: Jiarong tubular membrane


Processing scale: 1800 tons/day
Treatment of sewage: landfill leachate
Membrane type: M-C200-VFU100-08-3m
The number of membranes used: 50 PCS
Design membrane flux: > 65LMH
Date of Completion: 2013

We are a specialist in industrial membrane separation process. The core technology of Jiarong Includes Disk-tube RO membrane system, Spiral-tube RO membrane system, Tubular UF membrane system and Micro-tube NF/RO membrane system etc. The main application fields cover leachate treatment, difficult wastewater treatment, flue gas desulfurization and coal chemical wastewater ZLD.


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