Sheraton Club des Pins, Alger case study


Courtesy of H2O Innovation

Belonging to the famous Sheraton hotel chain, the Club des Pins hotel in Alger, Algeria, has 420 rooms and the best conference center in Algeria. For the wastewater treatment of the hotel and its important business center, the Club des Pins installed in 1998 a BIOTOUR system developed by H2O Innovation.

The main function of the BIOTOUR is to trickle the polluted water onto a bacterial bed which supports the digesting micro-organisms. The residual waters are poured onto the media at a preset flow, allowing the wastewater, the micro-organisms and the oxygen to come into close contact with each other. The pollutants contained in the water run through the biological film until they reach the assimilating micro-organism.

Treatment Line :
The Club des Pins BIOTOUR system includes a grease trap which removes the greases coming from the hotel kitchens’ wastewater, followed by a fine screening unit which extracts the greater elements. As secondary treatment, an aerated flow equalization basin manages the effluents flow rate before that the polluted water trickles down through two to three levels of bacterial beds inside six BIOTOUR (two series of three BIOTOUR). A settling tank allows the clarification of the treated waters and the reclamation of the biological sludge generated by the treatment. An UV disinfection permits the treated water to reach very specific discharge standards. Also, a sludge thickener compresses the sludges in order to facilitate their management and a screw press mixes and drains them. At the end of the process, the water can be discharged safely into the nature.

Results :

  • The Club des Pins BIOTOUR system treats 1 500 m3 (400 000 usg) of water per day.
  • No chemical additives are used during the treatment.
  • The discharged water is used for the irrigation of the lands surrounding the hotel and the sludges are used as fertiliser for the gardens.
  • The process is easy to control and to maintain : an hotel employee has been trained to operate the system.
  • The BIOTOUR technology provides great results concerning the quality of the water discharged.
  • The whole system takes up a very small piece of land.


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