Sherritt Corporation: using msdsBinders to increase safety and reduce effort


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In Fort Saskatchewan, Sherritt has operated an oil refinery for over 57 years. In 2007, Sherritt became a client of msdsBinders. They currently use the msdsBinders system to manage over 1000 MSDSs in all 36 location binders. Candy Wagner, the Fort Saskatchewan Health and Safety Advisor, Hygiene, explains how she feels about the system: “I love it. I only spend 5 -10 minutes a month dealing with MSDSs because the system updates everything for me. The system reduces time and effort, so I can then focus on other important aspects of my job.”

Candy has been an employee of Sherritt for over 18 years. She originally started her career at Sherritt as a lab technician; she jokes that at that time she was a “lab techy geek.” Five years ago Candy moved into her current role. Before msdsBinders, Candy described MSDS management as a huge challenge; “Dusty binders sat in the corner and were rarely accessed and were mostly outdated.” With msdsBinders, Sherritt employees have been more inclined to reference MSDSs to work safely. From 2010 to 2011, Sherritt employees accessed the msdsBinders over 20 times per week. With MSDSs being such an important tool in a health and safety program, Candy is relieved to know that her workers are now making the most of the current MSDSs.

Monthly Notifications

The msdsBinders system has been designed to send client administrators monthly notifications. These notifications inform administrators on which products have been added, deleted, or renewed in their subscriptions. Candy states that the notifications are a crucial component in her health and safety program: “The notifications can be used in many ways. It gives an update on what chemical activity is occurring across our numerous locations. I also send the notifications to all the managers. They use these notifications in monthly safety talks and review the MSDSs with staff. The notifications also act as a reminder – we have the system so be sure you use it. Lastly, we keep the notifications as records to show during audits. They demonstrate that we are continually educating staff and tracking MSDSs and chemicals.”

Embracing Change

Overall, Candy could not be more satisfied with the msdsBinders system:
“I have used other systems in the past: CDs, online Google searches, and an internal MSDS website. None of these even come close to how functional, quick and dependable the msdsBinders system is. After experiencing such great service from msdsBinders, I could never image the stress managing MSDSs the old way.”

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