Shopping for a UV System? Design Considerations and Operation Maintenance Issues

This paper reviews UV disinfection equipment lines from different manufacturers, and summarizes and/or compares different aspects of the design and maintenance of different types of UV systems. The successful performance of an UV disinfection system not only depends on good design but also proper operations and maintenance. When designing a UV system, following factors and system components need to be considered: wastewater quality characteristics, flow rate, UV lamp type, configuration, cleaning system, UV chamber, and power cabinet. Proper operation of the UV system requires regular mechanical, electrical and process checks and routine maintenance.

Chlorination has been the primary choice for disinfection of wastewater but the use of UV disinfection has dramatically increased in the recent years. New regulations affecting the management of chlorine and water quality concerns have led to an increasing popularity in the selection of ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection in the design and construction of new wastewater treatment facilities. For these same concerns, retrofitting existing wastewater treatment facilities with UV disinfection systems also has become more common.

A good design is the first step towards the successful performance of a UV system. Many factors and components need to be considered while designing a UV system: wastewater quality, flow rate, UV lamp types, configurations, cleaning system, chambers, and power cabinet. These factors have impact on both the capital and operating costs, and on the efficiency of operation and requirement of maintenance.

A well designed system requires proper maintenance to ensure the desired performance. Regular mechanical, electrical and process check procedures should be developed according to the specific site conditions and should be followed strictly.

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