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Shoreline erosion and stormwater management project case study


Courtesy of Envirolok LLC

In early August, 2007, a homeowner on Lake Waubesa near Madison, Wisconsin contacted Agrecol Corporation about their Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System. The homeowner wanted to replace a failing lake wall with an environmentally-friendly shoreline. The old wall was built with creosote railroad ties which was just one of many stormwater management problems with the project site.

A stormwater discharge pipe in the backyard, which collects stormwater from the upper end of the property, was undirected,  causing erosion in the backyard and resulting in pockets of standing water.  The impervious runoff came from these sources: the roof of the house, half of the run-off from the neighbors roof, the patio, the surrounding city streets, and the turf areas of the lawn.

In late August of 2007, near record rain caused flash floods, mudslides and high water all over the Midwest. The seawall failed completely, breaking apart and drifting into the lake. The water on Lake Waubesa was so high that the county suspended all  recreational activities on the lake.

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