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Short configuration stops save shredding costs

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Changing the particle size of a shredding machine takes time - or does it? Time is money in the waste shredding business. The more you have to stop the machines due to jams, having to adjust knives and screens or service, the less profit can be expected.

Speed and the ease of handling the configuration stops are vital, especially when you have to adapt the produced particle size often. The same applies to fixing jams. Stopping for an hour once or twice during a shift is a reality for many shredding contractors, but a real downer for productivity and motivation.

Unnecessary stops are also an annoyance for the driver of the shredding machine, and less stress means more productivity. Smooth handling of the control system and configuration of the rotor screens also improve ergonomics and reduce the risk of accidents, which again have an influence on operating costs.

Change the particle size in just 15 minutes!

This is not just a dream. Practicality and minimising downtime have been the key design drivers for us at TANA. The possibility of adjusting particle size from 50 to 500 mm is already a huge advantage. It opens up more business opportunities for a waste contractor.

The side door of the TANA Shark low speed waste shredder enables quick access to the rotor screen, which can be changed within 15 minutes. In addition, the non-crushables can be easily removed through the side door as well. Take a look at the pictures below!

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