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Should You Invest In Stone Floor Cleaners Or Power Washers and Carpet Cleaners?


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Contractors are often caught in a dilemma when they are faced with varied cleaning tasks. They are mostly anxious about the cost of buying high-quality systems. The more machines to buy, the more money you spend. In addition to the initial cost, there will also be operational costs, maintenance charges, and transportation costs. The more machinery you have, the more your overall expenses will be. For example, contractors often wonder whether they should purchase carpet cleaning machines or power washers to fulfill their clients’ demands of cleaning the entire area, which includes hard surfaces as well as carpets.

Therefore, the question of whether you should invest in stone floor cleaners or some other machines is pertinent. Stone floor cleaners are extremely versatile machines, as they can clean rough, uneven, and large surfaces, and can function as carpet cleaners as well as pressure washers. Therefore, you do not have to sacrifice functionality in order to reduce costs. This three-in-one machine offers all the advantages that you would have in standalone carpet cleaners or pressure washers, plus you can clean grimy hard surfaces more easily using this machine.

One of the major factors behind the popularity of stone floor cleaners is that there is no end to the type of functions they can perform, but also the type of surfaces they can clean. With the right wand detachment, stone floor cleaners are converted into formidable scrubbing machines which use a powerful spinner head to remove dirt from tiles, stone, granite, and rubber, concrete, wood, and other surfaces.

Maximum Efficiency
Hard surface cleaners should always be carefully selected for their cleaning power. One of the indicators of efficient cleaning is the type of spinner the hard surface cleaner features. Motorized spinners are suitable for removing grime from hard surfaces. One of the reasons behind the popularity of motorized spinners is their efficiency. These machines utilize the pressure levels of water spray optimally and generate about 60% more power than non-motorized spinners. Therefore, using motorized spinners will reduce dirt without lowering productivity.

The most advanced tile and grout cleaning machinesare designed to remove inefficiency. Every small detail has been taken care of, so that buyers do not feel that they have purchased anything less than satisfactory.  For example, buyers can purchase a tile floor cleaner with long hoses and power cords.  This ensures that the operator does not have to move back and forth to maintain control of the machine operation. These hoses may be as long as 25 feet. Another secret to the popularity of these floor cleaning machines lies in the fact that they can also double up as wall cleaners. Whether you are looking for a tile floor cleaner or any type of hard floor cleaners that can be used on porous, uneven or wooden floors, you have a suitable option in these hard floor scrubber equipment. These machines usually have large solution and recovery tanks, 13-15 gallons in volume, for maximum washing and extraction capabilities. They are, therefore, capable of handling long hours of operation. You can use carpet extraction feature, provided you have the right wand. The pressure levels can be set between zero and 500 psi for carpet cleaning.

If you are planning to use your hard surface cleaners for pressure washing, make sure that you invest in a wand that will help you power wash different types of surfaces. Hard floor cleaners may also feature squeegee wands with four jet heads.

There are two spinner sizes available with some type of hard surface cleaner machines. The advantage of this is that you can clean large surfaces and small surfaces using large and small spinners.



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