Should You Rent, Lease or Purchase Cardboard Balers?

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Waste disposal is more complex than just throwing away unwanted material. How you dispose of it, whether you recycle it and where it will ultimately land up are important concerns. Organizations all over the world are implementing environmental friendly methods to dispose of their waste.

One popular technique is to compact the materials waiting to be recycled. Materials such as cardboard are made of thick paper, which tends to hold a lot of empty space and increases the cost of transportation and recycling. Using balers allows cardboard to be compacted into smaller bales, which are easier to transport and handle.

What are Cardboard Balers?

Cardboard balers are efficient machines that have the capacity to take in large volumes of cardboard waste, and compress them till the material becomes compact and forms a tightly packed bale. 

What’s the Use of Cardboard Balers in Recycling?

Waste balers are important when it comes to recycling, for it’s easier and more cost effective to recycle large volumes when the waste material is first compressed into bales. The compacted material can then be sold to recycling companies for a profit. 

One of the most essential steps in the recycling process is the movement of materials from source (places where cardboard is collected like offices, factories and homes) to destination (the recycling center). Baling allows more cardboard to be transported with less effort, making these machines perfect for both waste handling and removal.

The main benefits of cardboard balers are:

  • Efficiency – Balers ensure that the entire recycling process becomes faster and more efficient. 
  • Space – Loose cardboard occupies too much space in dumpsters and bins, but balers take care of that problem. 
  • Cost – Transporting compact blocks is a lot more profitable than transporting large volumes of loose material. 
  • Frequency – Baled cardboard waste will not need to be hauled at short frequencies, resulting in fewer visits to the recycling collection center. 
  • Time – Less time will be spent on loading and unloading, as well as transportation and eventual recycling of baled cardboard.

Rent, Lease, or Buy?

Procuring waste balers is often a necessary investment, especially for businesses that dabble in cardboard or plastics, as it increases profitability and is a conscious effort to help the environment. Balers can be rented, leased or purchased outright, and each method has its own pros and cons.

Rent Cardboard Balers

For some businesses, renting balers makes the most sense.

  • Most useful when the amount of cardboard to be compacted is minimal. 
  • Allows the business to take full advantage of baler benefits without the costs of ownership and maintenance.
  • Not a good option for businesses that need to use cardboard balers on a daily basis.
  • Purchase Cardboard Balers

Purchasing balers come with some serious advantages under the right circumstances.

  • Purchase is a great option for businesses that generate tons of cardboard waste every day.
  • Ideal for companies that prefer to own assets outright, and balers can be rented out when not in use.
  • However, needs labor for operation as well as maintenance of equipment.
  • Lease Cardboard Balers

Leasing a baler brings together the best of renting and purchasing options.

  • Reduced or no maintenance costs, since these will be the lessor’s responsibility.
  • Smart renewal of lease terms allows the business to use the latest in baling equipment at no extra cost. 
  • Best suited for companies that want to try out different kinds of equipment before purchasing.

No matter which option of the three you choose, you will have to be careful that the equipment is not abused, mishandled or damaged, as that will lead to extra costs.

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