Shredding of highly flammable hazardous waste

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Courtesy of SatrindTech Srl

Satrind S.p.A. has a consolidated experience in engineering plants with nitrogen blanketing protection system for shredding of highly explosive hazardous waste in previously sealed into proper containers (such as metal or plastic drums, IBC tanks, etc.) and sludge material.

During treatment of hazardous wastes, vapors or flammable gases are released with dangerous emissions which are highly explosive and can easily burst into flames at any given time if it does not guarantee the complete safety of the plant.

Satrind S.p.A. has recently designed and supplied a plant with nitrogen blanketing protection system to process sludge hazardous toxic industrial waste. This plant has been installed and is presently running at one of many facilities of a major multi-national company specialized in the treatment of toxic hazardous waste.

The Satrind's shredder (K15/200) had to be fed from above with waste coming directly from the collection pits or from large containers and had to discharge the shredded material directly in large pits always guaranteeing proper safety conditions.

The whole system is controlled by a Central Processing Unit that constantly monitors and adjusts the operational parameters in order to guarantee the complete efficiency and safety of the plant.

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