Shredding Serbian soya

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In July 2010, Metso Denmark achieved an important breakthrough into a new market – in every way.


In geographical terms, it was the first sale of an M&J shredder in the Republic of Serbia. It was also the very first time a customer wanted to field M&J shredder technology in conjunction with the processing of soybeans.


Soybean processing in Serbia
Sojaprotein AD ( is one of the most important soybean processing companies in southeast Europe. Located in Bečej in Serbia, the company provides soybean products (such as soy flours, grits and textured soy proteins) to the food industry as well as feedstuffs (soymeal and full fat soygrits) for agriculture, along with soy oil and crude soy lecithin.

Many things too many people
Waste is many different things, depending on point of view. Sojaprotein AD uses the organic waste from preparing the company’s soybean intake as a fuel for a biomass boiler that provides steam for the company’s soybean concentrates plant. This helps cut energy bills, as well as reducing the environmental impact of the company’s operations.

Late in 2010, Metso Denmark delivered an M&J 4000S-10 shredder to the Sojaprotein plant. This design of this mid-size stationary shredder features two powerful asynchronous shafts that help avoid bridging, which is often a problem when shredding soybean straw using traditional equipment. Unlike the equipment previously installed, the M&J 4000S-10 shredder enables Sojaprotein to deal with bales of any shape, as well as providing flexibility by making it possible to reduce the size of virtually any type of waste.

The new M&J shredder helps Sojaprotein ensure an uninterrupted supply of shredded material as fuel, with consistent specifications in terms of size and density. It makes sure that the material is finely grained, so that it burns as cleanly and efficiently as possible, improving the overall cost-effectiveness of furnace operations.

Demonstrating versatility
Sojaprotein AD also carried out on-site demo with an M&J 4000M-10 mobile shredder, because the company wanted to see whether the same equipment could also be used for processing wet soy straw, wheat straw and corn straw.

These are three very different materials with very different characteristics. Nevertheless, the M&J 4000M-10 demo unit achieved average shredding rates as high as 17 tons/hour, despite only using a completely standard, all-purpose knife design.

By comparison, the special knife design that the new Sojaprotein M&J 4000S-10 unit uses for shredding soybean straw provides a throughput that is about 25% higher.

Positive perspectives
The on-site demo of other M&J shredder equipment indirectly highlighted the exceptional efficiency of the particular shredder configuration that Sojaprotein had purchased.

The results of this demo also provided this company with a clear insight into some of the many ways that M&J shredder technology could benefit the company’s current and future operations.

This opens new perspectives for this efficiency-focused Serbian company to process and use waste from wheat and corn stalks, as well as soybeans.

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