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Shredding tyres reduces transportation costs by 75%


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Recycling tyres is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities around the world. The EU, along with other countries around the world and many states in the US have banned tyres from landfills. This means that more and more tyres are being recycled for raw material for new applications, such as ground rubber mulch for playgrounds or rubberised asphalt, or are burned as tyre-derived fuel (TDF).

Unfortunately, the transportation of intact tyres is expensive. Most of the airspace is lost due to the form of the tyre, which is far from ideal from a logistical perspective. This was the reason why a customer in Italy approached us to help minimise the costs of scrap tyre transportation. The objective was to eliminate the loss of valuable airspace and make their pre-shredding process more cost-efficient with the TANA Shark 440 waste shredder.

Mobile waste shredder for convenient shredding

Shredding the material prior to transportation was proven to be the best option for lowering the costs for our Italian customer. In the future, the customer is planning to use the mobile TANA Shark 440 at their customers' sites, which are located around the country. As part of the sales process, we ran a demonstration at the customer’s plant. Their recovery plant accepts the highly homogeneous 100 mm particle size, with most of the metal separated. The 100 mm particle size was said to be optimal for the next step, the granulation process.

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