Xiamen Jiarong Technology Corp., Ltd.

Sichuan Lier Chemical Pesticide Wastewater Treatment Project


Processing scale: 7500 tons/day

Treatment process: TMBR+MTNF

Project features: This project is the world’s super-large TMBR tubular membrane project and a domestic large-scale MTNF nanofiltration membrane project. The new process jointly developed by Jiarong Technology and Lier Chemical can ensure that pesticide wastewater is subject to extreme fluctuations in incoming water. The water production is stable and up to standard, providing an excellent demonstration for pesticide wastewater treatment.

Jiarong TUF system have high operational flux and replaceable components, and are designed to prevent the buildup of pollutants. They are widely used in material clarification and filtration. TUF are typically used for leachate and industrial wastewater treatment but are also effective for the emulsion concentration process. Additionally, this technology is suitable for removal of heavy metals and hardness, providing pH adjustment. At present, we have more than 20,000m³ of TUF membrane been installed in more than 300 running projects worldwide.

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