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Siemens Gas Chromatograph (GC) valve renewal program - Case Study


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At a large chemical plant located in the Gulf Coast region, the customer’s main challenges were cost of maintenance for Siemens Gas Chromatographs, lack of preventive maintenance and a shortage of trained resources to accomplish the day-to-day tasks at their plant site. With the existing economical environment, the customer was looking for a solution that could offer the biggest impact without adding additional staffing quickly.


The customer reviewed Siemens solutions with the Process Analytics Service Business Development Manager and determined the valve renewal program would be a good starting point for fast results at a reasonable cost. The customer also agreed to perform a site survey.

The site survey identified over sixty GC valves with unknown status. Previously, plant technicians were supposed to rebuild bad valves when they had time; however, properly trained personnel for rebuilding and testing the valves were not always available. To get the job done, technicians would order new valves and keep the old valves to be rebuilt. Additionally, there was no inventory control or minimum quantity levels for GC valves, and there was no defined process for technicians to turn in a bad valve to the warehouse for exchange or renewal.

After the survey, stocking levels for the GC valves were established. Bad valves found during the survey were collected and shipped back to Siemens for renewal. They were returned to establish the initial plant stock. Furthermore, the valves were reclassified as a repairable item and bad GC valves are now returned to Siemens for renewal. To keep plant stock replenished, technicians now turn in bad valves when a renewed valve is removed from their existing stock.


The benefits recognized from implementing Siemens valve renewal program are numerous. The reliability and quality of the Siemens renewed valves have reduced cost and saved valuable time. The time saved allowed the site to address other areas that have fallen behind due to lack of trained resources. Additionally, results show this program has been very beneficial to off-loading site resources and improving the maintenance and overall reliability of our process gas chromatographs.

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