Significance of Phosphorus in Anaerobic Digestion Residuals Recovery

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Courtesy of BIOFerm™ Energy Systems

Gas production and energy potential typically dominate the spotlight in the anaerobic digestion (AD) technology world, while benefits of residues and nutrient management from AD are overshadowed. However, utilizing AD residues and considering the value of properly managing nutrients, such as phosphorus, may make-or-break projects considered uneconomical based on energy production value alone.

Nutrient management benefits from digestion should be considered to help keep residuals on the positive side of the balance sheet. For example, agricultural waste management is typically not considered a profit center. Monetizing the benefits in terms of removal and clean-up cost or value as fertilizer is vital, but can be challenging. A full spectrum of valuable nutrients and minerals can be captured from AD residues, such as phosphorus (P).

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