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Signposting human resources for biodiversity preservation through timely training

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Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where every living organism has an individual role to play in our environment. A larger number of plant species is ensuring a greater variety of crops catering to us. It is to say that more than 90 per cent of the calories consumed by people worldwide are produced from 80 plant species. What’s more! Almost 30 percent of medicines are developed directly from plants and animals and numerous are derived from these sources. For instance, we may say about the medicine of heart disease still produced from wild foxgloves. But general people are not properly aware of how their behaviors are endangering these kinds of species gravely. They have not enough environmental education and training by which they will be able to contribute to sustaining biodiversity in a sound condition.

Scientists and researchers are consecutively screening wild plants in search of cures for cancer, HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases. All farm crops and animals are emerged from wild organisms. Fruit crops are dependable on many insects that are pollinating their flowers. We gather the natural biodiversity from the oceans and rivers for fulfilling our needs. Endangered species have to be protected and saved that future generations may experience their existence and importance. So it is urgently necessary to signpost the whole human resources globally for environmental education and training that they are well-equipped with latest information, knowledge, timely technology and know-how to preserve biodiversity as a whole. Since 1996, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation has been organizing knowledge management activities in its intervention areas and through these need based performances, the deprived people of Bangladesh are being motivated and empowered to own the problems and identify solutions as to biodiversity i.e. environment preservations.

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