Simple and effective permeability testing of thermoformed plastic containers


Courtesy of Systech Instruments Ltd

Daiwa Can is one of Japan's leading packaging manufacturers, supplying beverage manufacturers with top quality containers and creative packaging solutions.

Daiwa Can’s plastic container range are multi-layer packages manufactured using a deep-draw vacuum thermoforming process. This method involves creating a centre barrier layer, which improves the oxygen barrier performance of the container and protects the contents.  Layer materials and thicknesses can be chosen according to the specifications best suited to the contents. Available in round or rectangular shapes these packages are ideal for beverages such as; coffee, juice, tea and foods such as; yoghurt and soup.  Due to the manufacturing process used, Daiwa have the ability to do low production runs with a short lead-time.

With the thermoforming process, the stretching and forming change the permeability and barrier qualities of the film. Therefore Daiwa use the PermMate to analyse the exact impact these changes have on the permeability of the container.  The measurement results can then be used to provide better knowledge about shelf life.

Oxygen permeability testing using the PermMate involves six simple steps:

  • The containers are flushed with nitrogen to ensure oxygen levels are at a minimum.
  • Condition the container so that steady-state diffusion of gases applies.
  • Perform one O2 measurement.
  • Wait for oxygen to pass into the container.
  • Perform a second O2 measurement.
  • The PermMate software calculates the permeability.

Daiwa have chosen the PermMate over other leading brands due to its capability of measuring many samples simultaneously.

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