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Simple model of the Urban Atmospheric Boundary Layer (UABL)

The horizontally homogeneous atmospheric boundary layer over a rough surface with a large roughness length z0 has been investigated to model the simplest cases of the Urban Atmospheric Boundary Layer (UABL) over a flat plain. It has been demonstrated that the nondimensional profiles of the horizontal Reynolds stresses of eddy viscosity and of velocity defect components are universal and independent on surface characteristics. On one side, the results of numerical simulation are compared with radio soundings launched over urban areas. Because of the lack of additional information about experiment data sets, only qualitative comparison has been performed. On the other side wind tunnel experiments in the Institute of Thermomechanics were carried out.

Keywords: atmospheric boundary layer, urban area, mixing layer, canopy layer, wind velocity, roughness length, universal profile, wind tunnel, rough surfaces, simulation, urban meteorology, dispersion modelling, air pollution, air quality

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