Simplify Hospital Maintenance Tasks with Vapor Steam Cleaners

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Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical centers experience large numbers of sick, injured and infected people seeking treatment and a hygienic place to recover from their ailments. Hospitals are therefore more vulnerable to harboring germs and bacteria than other locations. To prevent infections from spreading out of proportion and to ensure hygienic, disinfected environments that will help the patients to recover well, you must use advanced vapor steam cleaners for hospital maintenance.

Conventional cleaning equipment can be beneficial for cleaning only a limited number of surfaces. However, vapor steam cleaners have been designed to help maintain a range of surfaces in medical settings such as furniture, floors, bedding, mattresses, hospital equipment, stainless steel machinery, wheelchairs, upholstery and counters.

The best vapor steam cleaners available from leading distributors feature powerful antibacterial capabilities that help effectively disinfect different surfaces. As a result, it is possible to avoid chemical sanitizers completely and still accomplish excellent sanitization results in operating theaters, laboratories, restrooms, labor rooms and neonatal rooms.

Ensuring Clean, Hygienic Bedding
During their period of hospitalization, patients spend almost their whole time resting on their beds. So the mattresses and bedding are among the high priority surfaces in hospitals that must be cleaned and sanitized exceptionally well. Using a vacuum cleaner will only remove surface particles. Everything else – dust mites, bed bugs, blood stains, urine stains and skin cells – may be left behind. Only vapor steam cleaners will help you remove all these stains and achieve excellent sanitization results as well.

The super-hot steam generated by steam vacuum cleaner instantly dissolves almost all kinds of stains found on mattresses and bedding. This includes urine stains, food stains, juice spills, blood stains and oil deposits. If you use vapor steam cleaners featuring vacuum extraction functions, you can easily extract the softened deposits. The deodorizing action of hot steam also helps eliminate the foul odors of urine and sweat from mattresses and bedding. The powerful combination of sanitization and deodorizing actions ensure better quality air.

The cleaning staff in hospitals often has a hard time eliminating bed bugs from mattresses. Most of the time, they end up calling professional cleaning services to get rid of bed bugs or throw out the furniture instead. Since bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures, the cleaning action of commercial steam cleaners will easily help you eliminate bed bugs in no time. In addition to maintaining and disinfecting mattresses and bedding, these steam cleaner machines are also great for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery.

Advanced Cleaning Technologies
New versions of commercial steam cleaners available from reputable suppliers are now equipped with a HEPA filter system. This advanced filtration technology efficiently filters out allergens, dust mites, pollen and other particulate matter. As a result, these steam cleaner machines guarantee dust-free carpets, upholstery, mattresses and floors. Due to the wet vacuuming capability of steam vacuum cleaner equipment, there will be no trace of moisture anywhere on the surfaces after a session of steam cleaning.

So try using these vapor steam cleaners in your hospital today and experience what real cleanliness and hygiene is all about.


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