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Simulation experiments: the emerging instruments for CIP

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Critical Infrastructures (CIs) are vital backbones of modern societies and are increasingly depending on Information Technology (IT) and communication networks. Due to the increasing IT penetration, CIs are more and more connected with each other, with advantages and disadvantages. Due to this interconnection, CIs can provide their services more cost-efficiently. On the other hand, in case of disturbances, their behaviour cannot ever be mastered, as the large blackouts in the USA and Europe have shown. The increasing complexity and manifold conventional and emerging threats jeopardise the system of mutually dependent CIs. Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) attracts notice more and more from the public. Modelling and Simulation (M&S) expand now into the analysis and planning of processes and procedures of infrastructures. This paper gives an overview of the recent research in the field of CIP, where the EU project Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-based Infrastructure Systems (IRRIIS) is used as a role model.

Keywords: critical infrastructures, critical infrastructure protection, crisis management, crisis planning, CRIPS, information technology, communications technology, ICT, middleware improved technology, agent-based modelling, process modelling, scenarios, LAMPS, multi-agent systems, MAS, agent-based systems, emergency management, simulation

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